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Induction Skill Set


Learn essential skills and give back by helping others in the health and community services sector with the Induction Skill Set.


This skill set has been developed by the health and community services sector to deliver a range of introductory skills to newcomers to the industry. 






Online: $600

Workshop: $800

Pay upfront and save $100



Community Support Worker

Youth Worker

Community Companion

Disability Support Worker


Upon successful completion of this course, you will have to skills and knowledge to:

  • appreciate diversity and inclusiveness and promote understanding

  • communicate with people from diverse backgrounds and situations

  • use communication skills to handle conflict situations

  • develop, implement and evaluate personal stress and stress management and reduction strategies

  • collaborate with colleagues and complete workplace correspondence and documentation

  • follow safe work practices for client care, manual handling and infection control

Study Options


This self-paced course is delivered via online tutorials, interactive online classrooms, and individual trainer correspondence.

Course Duration

Online delivery of this course is suited to students with some experience in the community services industry. As a general guide, with 15 hours of coursework per week the course may be completed in six weeks. 

Students who do not have any experience may take longer.

Start Date

Start at any time!

Resource Requirements

Students require access to:

  • Computer with Microsoft Office or similar and Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • Internet 


Third party skills verification

Online students are required to demonstrate their skills in an industry workplace with supervisor verification. You must currently be working in the community services industry (paid or volunteer work) or have worked in the industry in the past two years.


Learn face-to-face with your trainer in a workshop environment. Workshops are held fortnightly for eight-week blocks at locations across Queensland. 

Course Duration

As a general guide, with one eight-week fortnightly workshop block and 15 hours of additional coursework per week, the course may be completed in eight weeks. 

Start Date

Contact us for upcoming workshop locations.

Resource Requirements

Students require access to:

  • Computer with Microsoft Office or similar, Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • Internet


Equipment can be provided during workshops for students without access to these resources. You will require access to these resources to complete additional coursework outside of workshop hours.

Demonstration of skills

Skills are demonstrated in a simulated workplace environment during workshop hours.






Pay 10 x $60 fortnightly payments


Pay upfront and save $100



Pay 10 x $80 fortnightly payments


Pay upfront and save $100

Successfully complete 4 core units from the list below to achieve this skill set.

  • When will I receive my certificate?
    Certificates are issued within 30 days of you being deemed competent in all areas assessed. Please allow sufficent time after submission of your work for your assessor to complete the assessment process and verify third party evidence. For partial completions, a statement of attainment for units completed successfully will be issued within 30 days of your withdrawal from the course. Please note, certificates and statements may not be issued where fees are outstanding or without a valid USI.
  • A qualification for $20? What's the catch?
    Yes, it's true... it is possible to gain a qualification for just $20 ($10 for concession) with no catch and no hidden extras. Student's eligible for Certificate 3 Guarantee funding are only requried to pay a co-contribution fee, meaning the remainder of the cost is covered by the funding. At Austral College we want to make training as accessible as possible to as many Queenslanders as possible, so we've made our co-contribution fee affordable at just $20 (your invoice will be broken down into a cost per unit of competency totalling $20 or $10 if you are a concession student). There's no catch and no hidden costs, though there is an eligibility criteria you must meet to be eligible for Certificate 3 Guarantee funding, an initiative of the Queensland Government. You can find out more here or by contacting us.
  • Can I apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?
    Austral College recognises each student's prior skills, knowledge and experience and designs individual training and assessment plans with this in mind. Your trainer will provide you with a self assessment tool to determine your suitability for RPL. Depending on the extent of your prior skills and knowledge, you may be eligible for RPL or a shortened training duration.
  • Can I receive credit for units I've previously completed?
    Yes! Austral College will issue a Credit Transfer for units of competency previously achieved if they meet the packaging rules of the qualification you're undertaking with us and you provide evidence of having achieved the unit. Contact us to discuss your options.
  • How do I get a copy of my previous certificate?
    If you've lost your Austral College issued qualification certification, contact us for a replacement. The cost for a replacement certificate is $30. OR If you require copies of your prior qualifications, statements of attainment or senior certificate for credit transfer, funding eligibility or RPL evidence, contact the issuing organisation for reissue (a fee may be payable). Certificate or Statement of Attainment Contact the issuing RTO or the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) if the RTO is no longer operating. Academic Transcript for training undertaken from 2015 onwards An official record of your results is available in your Unique Student Idenfier (USI) account. Senior Certificate Contact Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA).
  • Are Austral College's qualifications nationally recognised?
    All qualifications offered by Austral College are nationally recognised and developed in consultation with industry, meaning you'll be equipped with relevant skills for your chosen field across the country.
  • Where can I access the Student Handbook?
    You can view the latest version of our Student Handbook by clicking on this link: Student Handbook.
  • What is a USI and why do I need one?
    Your Unique Student Identifier, or USI, records the results of all the training you've completed from 1 January 2015 onwards. One of the main benefits of having a USI is having easy access to your training records and transcripts. When applying for a job or enrolling in further study, you often need to provide these records. From 1 January 2015, all students engaging in nationally recognised training were required to supply their training provider with their USI. A training provider is unable to provide you with a certificate or statement of attainment without a valid USI. If you have undertaken training during that period, you will have a USI. In some cases, the RTO may have created it on your behalf. You can create or retreive your USI at
  • Why are your Hospitality courses on a different website?
    In early 2021 we relaunched our Hospitality courses focussing on facilitating a platform for distance learning. We designed a new website with greater compatibility for our students. This was done as a trial of which we then integrated into If you are interested in pursuing a career in Hospitality, check out our website for more information!

Admission requirements

During this course, you will be required to read comprehensive learner workbooks, undertake a range of written and practical assessments, undertake independent research, and engage in discussions.

Entry requires successful completion of year 10 level English. You can demonstrate this knowledge by completing our pre-course Language, Literacy and Numeracy assessment.

A good knowledge of computer basics is desirable.

Payment Info



1300 765 615

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